Fonts are an inevitable part of making a custom label. Few can get around it and everyone is trying to do something new. In an effort to do something new, many companies just go with what works. So, how can companies navigate the often tricky and seemingly limited area of fonts when crafting their custom printing label?

Safety in What Works

When referring to fonts and “what works,” designers go with the few main choices at their disposal. These are the typical and clear fonts that are commonly used in marketing. These fonts are also clearly read. There is no issue where the font can’t be easily read by just about anyone who has a decent grip on the language. The most common is Times New Roman. The eye knows it. People are familiar with it. It gets the job done.

There are a few other font types that are commonly used in marketing. Calibri is one of the most basic. It is crisp and clear and gets the point across. The problem is that it is not very thick. For a slightly thicker (and ultimately clearer) font, some professionals use Georgia or Cambria. Choosing a basic font may be a lost opportunity. It may be a strategy that needlessly pushes in a direction that is a little too safe for its own good. Companies can do more.

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Comic Sans

Fonts can be used in a wonderful capacity to elevate the custom label printing. It does not have to be just a functional addition with the only goal to be clearly readable. A font is capable of being more than a tool. Comic Sans is a largely silly font because its letters are wavy and look like they were drawn by a child.

Yet, Play-Doh has used Comic Sans for decades. LEGO has used it for some specific product lines. It is a font seen often in Spongebob Squarepants and in cartoons for children. Obviously, the font is used to fit the aesthetic of the product brand. It elevates the material instead of servicing as solely a functional addition.

Comic Sans is a terrible font, overall. But, it works brilliantly for a very specific type of product. Corporate Graphic Solutions knows how and when to deploy eccentric font types to elevate a product just a little more. Visit the website at for more on crafting the perfect label, and using a font as a pivotal tool towards this goal.